The Top Five Soap Hunks


By Editors

In his new book The Q Guide to Soap Operas, (Alyson)'s soap opera expert, Daniel R. Coleridge, (a frequent Out contributor) uncovers every queer nook and cranny of soaps both daytime and nighttime. Included in his new book is a chapter on the 'Top 10 Soap Hunks' (call us shallow, but we started there!), which breaks down the hottest lads to grace the small screen. We have excerpted the top five here for you. Pick up a copy to see who also made the cut.

#5: Cameron Mathison

WHY HE'S HOT: Canadian import Cameron Mathison joined All My Children in 1998 as hot-tempered hero Ryan Lavery. Perhaps the most ab-licious actor in daytime soaps today, he sports an eight-pack on par with any muscle-mag model. The quintessential model-turned-actor, he brazenly mugs and poses for the camera, but tries to sound a bit humble about his hotness in press interviews.

#4: Kristoff St. John

WHY HE'S HOT: Kristoff St. John is daytime's answer to Denzel Washington. This man is sex appeal, intelligence, and dignity all rolled into one irresistible package. In 1989, he started off in soaps as Adam Marshall, the resident heartthrob on NBC's short-lived drama Generations. It was the first network sudser to feature a largely African-American cast. Shortly after that show's cancellation, St. John joined The Young and the Restless in 1991 as Neil Winters, a rising young business executive, and he's been there ever since. 'I'm coming up on two decades in daytime television,' he says with a smile.

#3: Jesse Metcalfe

WHY HE'S HOT: California-grown stud puppy Jesse Metcalfe has a pretty boy's face and a pumped, muscular body that's all man. It's rather apropos that his middle name is Eden, since he's just as tempting as the forbidden fruit in the biblical garden his parents named him after! (Hey, gushing praise is OK if it's totally true.) Metcalfe aroused our nation's adoration as John, the teenage gardener who was famously seduced by married temptress Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) on ABC's hit nighttime sudser Desperate Housewives. 'That's because he has his shirt off every episode,' Longoria has said. 'The day Jesse walked in, everybody's mouth dropped. He has sexual energy oozing out of his pores.' Recently, Metcalfe made his sizzling big-screen debut as the titular horndog in John Tucker Must Die.

#2 Christopher Reeve

WHY HE'S HOT: The late Christopher Reeve's many fans would agree it's not too effusive to call him a model of male perfection. Standing at 6'4' and sporting jet-black hair and cerulean blue eyes, he was not only S.M.T.''So my type!''he was the heartthrob of girls and gays everywhere in the 1970s and '80s. Later in his life, the pop culture icon was unfortunately rendered quadriplegic in a horseback-riding accident and became a real-life superhero as a spokesperson for the disabled and an activist on behalf of stem-cell research.

#1: Austin Peck

WHY HE'S HOT: Since his 1995 daytime debut, the perpetually shirtless Austin Peck'also known as 'Austin Pecs''has dazzled Days of our Lives fans. Gals and gays alike tune in to the NBC soap for a daily eyeful of his masculine charms. Mmm' Who wouldn't drool at the sight of that terrific torso, adorned with abs of steel, powerful pectorals, and perky, medallion-sized nipples?

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