Dancing Queens


By Matthew Breen

It's a wonderfully evocative image of the glamour of a party era: Truman Capote casually lounges'sans trousers'at a gala benefit. Photographer (and infamous Jackie O. stalker) Ron Galella's new book, Disco Years (powerHouse, $65), features dozens of candid photos of the era's most glamorous fashionistas, stylish socialites, and outlandish artists who exemplified the delicious decadence of the 'Me Decade,' from NYC to L.A. Who's here? Everyone who was anyone: Liza, Warhol, Raquel, Cher, Bowie, Dolly, Halston' Is Debra Winger being carried in or out of the Cannery Row wrap party? Ali McGraw pops out of her blouse but does it with so much more aplomb than Tara Reid. Elton gives Divine's tits a squeeze. Arnold is thin; Maria isn't. Bette Davis at Cheetah Disco; Grace Jones with go-go boys at Le Farfalle. In brilliant glimpses of that chic moment in nightlife history, these luminaries light one another's cigarettes, grope the nearly nude performers, vamp, chat, pose, preen, giggle, and, of course, dance.