Into the Wild


By Jeffrey Epstein

If the guys are shy or want to meet up at night, Rachel takes their numbers and punches them into her cell phone, then starts texting them later. 'All these guys have the same name: Jeffrey, Jason, Jeremy'I have four Jasons,' she says with a sigh as we head back to the hotel. She begins text-messaging a fleet of lads she met over the past several days. The girls hope to get some good scenes set up'extra flesh means bonus pay, and if one guy decides to pleasure himself on camera, that's a lot of extra green. Rachel's hoping to score a scene with a guy nicknamed Magnum because of the size he has boasted about'not to mention his lack of inhibition.

'The girls have been doing it for years,' Rachel says when I ask about the exploitation of these fine men. 'It's equal opportunity.'

'We don't have the guys do anything they don't feel comfortable doing,' adds Isabelle. 'And we tell them if they change their minds, we'll cut it.'

'We lost one great scene because the guy came up the next day and said he didn't want us to show it,' Rachel reveals. 'It was too bad, but we're not going to do that to him.'

I have to wonder how excited these guys would be to pose knowing that men would be among Guys's most ardent admirers. 'From the product's inception we knew a portion of our sales would be from men,' Bill Horn, who oversees publicity for Mantra Entertainment, has confided to me, 'but we were surprised it was such a significant amount. There are no exact figures, but I've been told it's around 50%.'

After a dinner break, at around 9 p.m., Bill and I meet up with the girls again at their base camp, the Bahia Mar Resort. We are going on a 'room raid,' which essentially means we just walk around the hotel with the camera and see what we find.

It doesn't take long for us to come upon a large group drinking and chilling on the grass in front of their room. Isabelle sets her sights on a slight blond cutie. As the conversation gets going, a small crowd forms around the twosome. 'Let's go somewhere more private,' she says to Slight Blond, dragging him around the corner. When Blond looks at me nervously, Isabelle just shrugs: 'He's security. Don't worry.' Somehow, despite the fact that on the inside I feel like the gayest man on earth, to this guy (and others later) I do in fact look like I could be security, and he seems more at ease.

But not for long. It only takes a matter of seconds before his friends find us, and they cluster where Isabelle is trying to make a connection. A seriously cute guy is standing in front of me with his girlfriend looking on. 'Why do you want to see that?' she asks him. 'I just want to see what he's doing,' replies Seriously Cute Guy as he lazily puts his hand down the front of his board shorts. He seems to be unconsciously playing with himself right in front of me. I guess it's the equivalent of straight guys looking at each other in a locker room or at the urinal to see how they measure up. Or maybe it gives them license to explore where they fall on the Kinsey scale. Or maybe they're all just gay and need to deal.

A few minutes later Slight Blond has grown way too uncomfortable with all the eyes and has slipped away, leaving one of his (significantly less attractive) friends to streak through the parking lot of the hotel'caught on camera, naturally. It's almost like a snowball effect: Once one guy shows interest, everyone wants to get in on the act. This actually leads to the first great 'get' of the evening, when Seriously Cute decides he wants to show a little skin. He's already shirtless, displaying his sculpted torso, and soon he's lowering his board shorts, revealing just a glimpse of what Bill and I had seen him playing with moments before. 'I feel crazy,' he offers.

'You're drunk,' his girlfriend sighs.

'I'm not that drunk,' Seriously Cute shoots back as he turns around, lowering the shorts and revealing a perfect ass. The girlfriend just rolls her eyes, and soon the two walk away arm in arm. And Seriously Cute Guy has a hat.

Oh, yeah, that's right. All these boys get in exchange for their flesh show is a Girls Gone Wild hat (and only if they show something extra'i.e., ass or dick). Sometimes they get a tank top. That's it. No money changes hands. No sexual favors are received.