Best in Show


By Jeffrey Epstein

Was there anyone else you really loved on the show?
I loved to hate Laura. I loved to make fun of her, and she would do the same to me. Vincent, for all his nuttiness, is the greatest guy. I really enjoyed Vincent. He truly marches to his own drummer, but I enjoyed the tune. Michael Knight was the best roommate ever'and such a rock star.

Who got on your nerves?
Keith. The good thing about Keith was that he was so full of himself that it didn't matter if anyone didn't like him. Because he liked himself enough for all of us.

You worked for Isaac Mizrahi. How was that?
That was a trip without tickets. It was an awesome experience in terms of the true fashion, Devil Wears Prada experience. Really being in the thick of the industry, meeting incredible people, and getting a hands-on of what it means to be in the eye of the storm because Isaac was wildly popular in the press at the time'he and Marc Jacobs were the face of American fashion with respect to the classics like Ralph and Donna. Isaac and Marc were the up and coming. But there's no love lost between us.

What made you move to Los Angeles? It's not really considered the fashion capital of the universe.
I needed to get a tan and work out more, so I figured I should move to West Hollywood. I wanted to meet hotter men. [Laughs] I'm totally' serious. [More laughter] I wanted to get away from Isaac because I was slowly being driven mad. I needed a new job. I thought a change of life in general would be good for me. A friend of mine said I should work at Barbie and when I learned they were headquartered on the west coast, I thought, Why not?

What do you think of Barbie?
Barbie rocks my world. She's awesome. One thing I have found interesting working on Barbie is how many opinions people have about her. She can be a love or hate thing for people. You hear how she's caused people to have eating disorders. I think those people are whiners and they should shut the fuck up. Stop blaming a doll for your problems. It's amazing that she's a fashion icon and a legend. I think I've reached more people designing for Barbie than I ever did when I was working in high fashion. When people love her, they really love her. It's amazing the many places it's offered me opportunity to travel to: Japan, England' It's pretty incredible.

You made some reference about her being a little like a drag queen in the first show.
See, but I thought that was a good thing. I applaud drag queens and I love their work.

Are you dating anyone?
Not a soul. I'm not one to not look. But men are crazy. Who needs 'em? I'm not actively pursuing. Plus, I want to have children. And when you tell men that, it sends most of 'em running into the woods. If I can't fuck and leave you, I want no part of you. I'm a very happy person. I'm very fulfilled in my life. I'm looking for a relationship to complement my life, I don't need it to solve my problems.

What's the reaction been like since the show began?
Unbelievable. I had no idea how popular the show was. I love the show now that I've been on it. Literally, and it sounds like a joke, I've had people scream out of car windows. It's amazing. And it's not just men who want to sleep with me. It's women. It's children. It's small farm animals. It's great to be involved with something that has such a positive effect on people. And hopefully it's great exposure.

What's the biggest fashion faux pas a guy can make?
One of them is tanning. Over-tanning to the point you look like an Oopma Loompa'and this is for men and women. You see this in the gym ad nauseum. When your skin starts to resemble an orange pleather handbag, you need to step away from the Mystic Tanning hose. It's near criminal. Another one is'especially in gay men'wearing clothes that are so tight and painted on. Like T-shirts that look like they were made for someone else. Wear your fucking size. Or wear clothes that are a little bit roomy. It's OK. All your hours at the gym are appreciated. Otherwise we don't want to see your puffy-ass body in a Baby Gap T-shirt.

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