Janice Dickinson Mouths Off


By Jason Lamphier

In Out's July issue, we chatted with Janice Dickinson a bit about her new reality show, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Here are the juicy outtakes we didn't print!

You've been a busy gal. In addition to launching the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, raising two children, dabbling in photography, and having your life filmed, you've also written your third book, Check Please! Dating, Mating & Extricating, which came out in May. What's the book about? What juicy details do you divulge this time around?
Juicy! It's all about juicy, baby. This book is for gay and straight audiences alike. I will give you juicy, hedonistic, exotic, erotic details. It's all about getting in and getting out [of relationships] with the least amount of pain and the maximum amount of fun.

So it's a how-to guide?
If you don't know how to, you'd better hear it from the oracle, the horse's mouth. Yep, go to see (neighing) Mr. Ed. There'll be more trials and exciting sexual exploitations of 'la Janice.'

What fabulous gay moments can we expect to see in your new show, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency?
Well, there's Jeff West'in my opinion, the original male supermodel. He's my assistant, but really, he's been one of my best friends for the last 30 years. He should be immortalized. He's got more power in his sashay and swish than any of these other shakin' bacons. They should all learn from him.

And we'll see him onscreen?
Oh, yeah, he's already been cast.

In one scene from the show, a rather portly model hopeful'
What does 'portly' mean? Define 'portly.'

A little tubby.
No, I don't approve of tub. Iman says, 'No to fat!'

So he ended up stripping down, and he was completely naked, hoping he'd make the final cut. You refer to his penis as a 'dead rabbit.' Where on earth did you come up with this term?
That scene is featured in the pilot episode, but it was filmed around Easter. So, you know, the bunny rabbit of Easter.

I heard you've been hanging out at gay clubs a lot lately.
Excuse me? Who the fuck is interviewing me? You're not good enough, bitch! I can see you swishing there with your pink lips and your red toes. I was and I am the queen of the White Party in Palm Springs. I was crowned the queen of the White Party in South Beach.

I want you to take me out.
If you're not out already, you've got a lot of problems.

How do you think you've influenced gay men and style?
Being the muse of Versace, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta. I'm buying them their clothes. You put two and two together, bitch. I've been the muse of all of them because of my perfect body proportions.