Top Nine Signs Summer Snuck Up On You When You Weren�t Paying Attention


By Editors

When it's freezing in February, summer seems like a million miles away. Guess what? It's not. It's nipping at your heels, and here's how you know.

9) You realize the inner tube around your waist is bigger than the one you lounge in at the local water park.

8) When friends tell you to 'wear protection' as you head out for the day, you pack a dozen extra condoms' and come home with a hell of a sunburn.

7) Your TiVo has 250 hours of unviewed programming.

6) The weekend comes and all your friends vanish to their summer homes'and you forgot to lock in your invitation.

5) Every movie is an 'event of the season!' that's 'so huge!' you 'must see!' it.

4) Every television show is not.

3) In the five minutes it takes you to put your trash out, you get 37 mosquito bites.

2) You sprain your eyes staring at all the men whose chests seem to be bursting out of their tight tank tops.

1) Stores are already clearing their shelves for 'Back to School' sales.