Batwoman Comes Out!


By Michael C. Sherrin

'[Kathy Kane is] a very successful woman, very self-assured,' says Dan DiDio, the senior vice president and executive editor of DC Comics. 'What we wanted to do was build from that core and create a new character that was much more attuned with today's society. The fact that Batwoman is gay is not a key factor'it's [just] who she is.' DC introduces Batwoman amid an assortment of new characters aimed at diversifying the once homogenous DC universe, including several updated Hispanic, African-American, and Asian characters.

As to this Batwoman's past, Kane keeps her secrets well, leaving us to imagine what would inspire a wealthy lesbian to become a spandex-wearing crimefighter. In the hopes of revealing the unknown, DC promises Batwoman will be punching out ex's and enemies alike for a long time to come.