Kristen Bell


By Jeffrey Epstein

In our June Hot Issue we named Kristen Bell the 'Hottest Girl We'd Go Straight For.' The sexy, sassy star of TV's Veronica Mars told us she actually dated a few gay guys back in college. 'I don't know if we really dated, but we definitely hooked up,' the 26-year-old actress quipped. Here we present a few more questions with Bell, who also stars in the July thriller Pulse.

So you are going to be the 'Hottest Girl We'd Go Straight For.'
I'm so thrilled! I have about 100 guys I need to call and tell.

Have you always felt the gay love?
Absolutely. You're my people! When I was in New York, the girls tended to be very competition-oriented. I was in the musical theater department and the girls tended to be more catlike. The gays guys were the love of my life.

You have an amazing voice, know musical theater, and play a kick-ass TV heroine. I have a feeling a lot of gay guys might gravitate toward that.
In New York, I had my first sense of being an adult. I lived on a floor of mostly gay guys and loved it. I explored New York City with some of the best gay guys on Broadway'and they're all wonderful.

Is there a girl you'd go gay for? And please don't say Angelina Jolie.
I'm gonna go a little obscure. I'll go with [Saturday Night Live star] Amy Poehler. When I was in New York I used to go to the Upright Citizen's Brigade, and they did an improv comedy show. I fell madly in love with her. I was so inspired by her petiteness and her sense of comedy that was stronger than anyone else in the room. When she got on SNL I totally freaked out. I told her husband [actor Will Arnett] on a red carpet once, 'I'm absolutely in love with your wife.' He looked at me and said, 'I'm so glad you didn't say me. That would have been awkward.'

What are you working on this summer?
Right now on the weekends I've been shooting a movie called Fanboys, which is about obsessive Star Wars fans who drive across the country to see the new Star Wars movie [Episode One]. The only other thing on my slate is Double Wide, which is written and directed by Anne Rapp'she wrote most of Robert Altman's movies. Hopefully, if it pans out, I'll be doing most of my scenes with Catherine O'Hara. She's also someone who really inspired me.

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