Homos in Space!


By Out.com Editors

Despite the fact that Silent Hill is one of the worst movies in years, my boyfriend and I couldn't help but distract ourselves by thinking how much better it would have been if distraught mother Radha Mitchell and hot cop Laurie Holden had simply stripped down and gotten it on. (No, we're not frat boys, but we can appreciate beauty in all its forms.) So before we ended up walking out, I had plenty of time to think of other sci-fi/fantasy/thrillers that would have benefited from a little homo action. Got some other suggestions? Leave a comment!

Gattaca'Uma Thurman's hot, but not as hot as the idea of Ethan Hawke and Jude Law hitting it in this futuristic society where only the best (meaning the strongest, most intelligent, and most beautiful) are allowed to prosper.

Starship Troopers'Sure, Dina Meyer and Denise Richards vied for Casper Van Dien's affections in this campy, violent alien bug flick, but wouldn't it have been hotter to have had adorable Neil Patrick Harris and Melrose Place stud Patrick Muldoon fighting over Van Dien instead? Right before being violently impaled by alien bugs of course.

Fantastic 4'With Jessica Alba disappeared as the Invisible Woman, we would have loved to see studly scientist Ioan Gruffudd, foxy Chris Evans, and pretty boy Julian McMahon get together. Just think of the things they could do with Gruffudd's flexibility as Mr. Fantastic.

Daredevil'Ben Affleck was a blind superhero so it would have made sense for him to confuse bad boy Colin Farrell with his real love interest, Jennifer Garner.

Timeline'Who wouldn't have liked to see Paul Walker and Gerard Butler get it on in 1357 France? Especially if Butler wore the sexy Phantom of the Opera mask he wore in the musical.