The Golden Gays!


By Jeffrey Epstein

Vanity Fair kicked off the Golden Globe parties on Friday night in Los Angeles with a party in honor of Catherine Deneuve, celebrating the French beauty's selection as Beauty Icon 3 by MAC Cosmetics. The fete, held at the Chateau Marmont, attracted celebs like Maria Bello, Selma Blair, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Kirk, Anne Heche, Adam Goldberg, Jeff Daniels, Amy Smart, Ali Larter, Kelly Lynch, and Vogue's Anna Wintour, as well as Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter and Krista Smith. We cornered Junebug's delightful Amy Adams, whom we first met on the set of Psycho Beach Party, for a little gushing. 'I love me my gays,' she cooed. 'Hey, I came from dinner theater!' And we could just eat her up!

Naturally, much of the Globes fun begins after the awards. As we walked through the lobby of the Beverly Hilton (where the awards and party are held) past such stars as winner Geena Davis and Prison Break's Wentworth Miller, we overheard someone ask Sarah Jessica Parker, who had hubby Matthew Broderick in tow, what party she was hitting. 'We have a flight to catch!' replied Parker, who was eager to get home to see her son.

The obvious first stop on our party plan was the fantastic Universal/Focus/NBC/TV Guide party. With Brokeback's four wins, we had to go congratulate our peeps. Luckily we not only got to say hello to Globe winner Larry McMurtry, who coscripted Brokeback, we also got him to the party! McMurtry and his power agent, Adam Shulman, were heading in the wrong direction before we turned them around toward the Uni-Bash, held on top of the Beverly Hilton's parking garage in a gigantic tent. In what was one of the more awkward moments of the night, Cillian Murphy, a nominee for playing drag queen Kitten in Breakfast on Pluto, was stopped by security before entering the party and told he had to go check in. (More awkward was the adorable lad having to tell photographers how to pronounce his name, which sounds like 'Killian' not 'Sillian.') Winner Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, looking super sexy, we have to say, waited patiently in line for the elevators to the party, while others tried to push ahead and cut in line. (C'mon, people, if someone holding a statue is waiting in line, you can too.)