Five Ways to Beat the Post Holiday Blahs


By Editors

Let's face it'an awful lot of workplaces go into holiday mode right after Thanksgiving. What with the 3-day weekends, the half-day-before-the-three-day-weekend, and the short-day-because-it's-the-office-party day, it's hard to get back to a five-day workweek with nary a holiday in sight. Here are some suggestions for chasing the post holiday blahs.

1. Rededicate yourself to your job.
2. Don't sweat the job; plan your next vacation.
3. Join a gym. Yes, it will be crowded with all the other get-in-shape for the New Year new members, but at least you'll have some company.
4. 'Catch up with a friend over drinks. Emphasis here is on friends, not the drinking. You probably had enough of that last month.
5. Do something'anything'new. Take a class, get a pet, volunteer. Shake things up before you fall into a winter slump.