GLBT people we�d like to play Survivor with!


By Editors

Angelina Jolie and Jenny Shimizu'Because they could distract any straight males by making out during the immunity challenges so we'd have a better shot at winning.

Elton John'We'd just like to see him trying to survive in the jungle without his baubles, bangles, and beads.

Jake Shears'Because we'd like to keep him warm at night'and he could lead us in rounds 'round the campfire!

Boy George'He wouldn't be a threat in the individual immunity challenges, but, really, he'd be so annoying he'd never make it that far, so he'd be an easy vote at the first Tribal Council. Then again, he'd be so obnoxious, he'd be the one person we'd be sure to win against, so maybe we'd keep him around.'

Christopher Rice'We'd need someone to spin some dark yarns to take our minds off the relentless boredom that would ensue between challenges.

Ted Allen from Queer Eye'If he couldn't spice up that rice, he'd be out of a day job.

Lady Bunny'Don't you just want to see what her makeup would look like on day 2'let alone day 27?

Anderson Cooper'We'd need someone to make sure the producers were putting together a fair and accurate story in the editing room.

Patricia Field'With her crazy fashion sense, she's about the only one who could make a buff fashionable.

Richard Hatch'Well, someone would have to show us the ropes!