Kim from Top Model!


By Bryan Buss

Well, did you ever find out who ate the granola bar?

No. I wish I'd eaten the granola bar! [Laughs] Because that would have been so funny! Unfortunately, I really despise granola. I wish I knew. Nicole certainly didn't. Nicole is scared of Bre. And the other girls, I can't speak for them because I wasn't very close, but I don't think they took it either. Maybe one of Bre's other personalities took it.

What was your favorite shoot?

My favorite shoot was either the Ford Fusion commercial because it really allowed me to succeed in reaching my feminine side which was something I definitely was working on throughout the competition. Or I really liked the Wild Boyz shoot too just because it was so much fun.

Do you feel more comfortable being not just a hot tomboy but being girlish now?

They didn't break me down and have me change my personal style. I'm too much of a confident, strong person for that. If you see me walking around on the street, I'm wearing the same types of clothing, maybe with an enhanced style because my style changes every once in a while, as I was when I entered the competition. But I am more comfortable wearing feminine clothing. And if you'd seen me at the Out 100 party, I was wearing a Balenciaga dress, which I found to be really beautiful. And I've learned to look at clothing as pieces of art that you're wearing and you're carrying around. And so I'm excited that I'm more comfortable wearing feminine clothing, but that doesn't mean I'm changing my personal style.

So. Veronica Mars. How was that for you?

I loved my experience on Veronica Mars. Acting is something that I've wanted to do for a long time, but I'd not had the opportunity, mostly because of my schoolwork and because of sports when I was younger. But this really jumpstarted that opportunity for me and I enjoyed it so much that I think I'm really going to try and do some more TV and movies if possible.

I don't know if you've been asked this before. But did Lisa really pee into that diaper?

Lisa absolutely peed into the diaper. At the time, it was very, um, disgusting to a lot of us. We were revolted by it. But I got to know Lisa very well after we were both eliminated and I learned that she's a very genuine and pretty amazing person. She's had a really hard life in a lot of ways, and she's grown from it immensely. Lisa's someone that I wish I had not spoken up so harshly about when I didn't know her that well, because I really learned a lot about her and I grew to love her.

With the editing, it's hard to really know, because they like to show wacky and dramatic things.

Yeah, they show 10% of everyone's personality because that's all the time they're allotted. And I think that, obviously, the parts of your personality that work in with the storyline are the parts that are filmed. There are really important things about everyone that were left out, which is unfortunate, but which is also inevitable.

What was the most interesting thing that happened that was edited out?

I felt that it was not only until the episode that Kyle was eliminated that it showed our friendship and how close it was. And Kyle and I in fact had been really close since the first week. Kyle and I were really crazy and wacky together. And there were times when she broke down because of the competition, or I broke down, and we were really there for each other. And I think that that was my most fond memory of the house, is with Kyle.' So for me it was sad'and Kyle and I spoke about this a lot'to not see the evolution of our friendship from the very first episode.

Who do you think got the rawest deal from the editing. Besides you, of course.

I think that Jayla'they really didn't show any of her comments in the entire season that had been taken so harshly by other girls, until that one recap episode when it showed, like, all her bitchy comments at once. And I feel like that recap episode was sort of like the trying-to-get-the-public-to-hate-Jayla episode. And certainly a lot of us did have problems with her, but perhaps if they had edited it correctly to show what happened each week, it would have been less harsh than, you know, having it all put together in one place. Jayla can be difficult, because she's home-schooled and she doesn't know as much about social graces as a lot of people do, but she also isn't a bad person. Like, her problems are somewhat endearing at times, and even if I was irritated at her many times, I think that she sort of did come out as this huge bitch, and she's not necessarily like that.