Kim from Top Model!


By Bryan Buss

Kim Stolz, a 21-year-old student from New York, joined this season's America's Next Top Model as an out lesbian. Though she didn't win the coveted title, she did get to go to London and she got to make out with one of the other models in a limo! So now she's here to dish on granola, harmonicas, and Cousin It.

I'm going to start off with the most important question of all. I see on the UPN site that your favorite show is Beverly Hills, 90210. So: Brenda or Kelly?

Well, I have to admit that I'd rather date Kelly, but I'd rather be Brenda's friend. Because Brenda's such a bitch, and I love her attitude, and it's just something I think I want in my life. Whereas Kelly, you know, she's blonde and she's so cute.

You're so diplomatic.

I'm trying to be fair to everyone!

Did you enjoy the Out 100 party in New York?

Oh, God, yeah, I had a great time at the Out 100 party. I met a lot of people that I'm talking to and working with now there. It was great for me and it was also a really exciting party. I had a blast.

Are you still with your girlfriend?

My girlfriend and I are definitely together.

Did she ever get insecure about the relationships you developed with Nicole and Kyle and Sarah?

Well, she never got jealous of Kyle or Nicole because those friendships are very platonic. They were just really close connections I had in the house. As far as Sarah, yeah, it wasn't her favorite thing to watch, but she definitely understood that it was a reality TV show and I was in a really crazy situation. And she also knew that emotionally I was committed to her no matter what happened.

Were you surprised to find yourself hooking up with Sarah?

Yes and no. I think that my situation with Sarah was a surprise to me because I didn't have feelings for her. At the same time, being in that house can be very lonely, and when you find a connection with someone, it's easy to have the lines get blurred a little bit because you crave closeness given that you're sequestered with a group of people you hardly know.

Are you still in touch with the other models?

Some of them. I talk to Kyle almost every day. I have spoken to Sarah a few times. And I talk to Nicole and to Ebony.

What did you think about Cassandra leaving the show? It's not exactly Survivor, even though there's a lot of pressure.

[Laughs] That's a good point. You know, I understood her place'and I understood that even though it was only an inch [of hair] they were asking [her to cut], on principle they were asking a lot from her. She had very strong views about the way she looked. And, obviously, when you go on that show, you have to be OK with changing anything they want to change. But I think that they had pushed her so far, and she'd finally become comfortable with her short hairstyle, and then for Tyra to ask her to cut it an inch farther, I think that was the thing that broke the camel's back for Cassandra.

Are you still in school?

No, I graduated from Wesleyan in May of this year.

All right! What was your major?

My major was government with a specific focus in international politics.

Wow! You're smart too.

I hope so after all that education! I better be!

Are you sorry that you got involved in the Bre-Nicole fiasco?

No, because I have my own principles. I stand up for what I believe in, and when I see someone doing something wrong to another person I'm not the type that will step back and just let it happen. Like if I had been in the limo when Bre was attacking me, and I was someone else, I would have stood up for me. And for me, watching Bre attack yet another person, and wrong another person, definitely brought my own principles to the table, and I had to stick up for Nicole. She's my friend, and Bre was stealing from her. It was crazy.

It was very strange that Bre was like, Yes, I did take your Red Bull, and, no, I'm not going to replace it.

Exactly. Bre didn't really make much sense. And it seemed like she'd really just taken a turn for Crazy Town.

Yet she seemed fairly stable at the beginning.

Well, she had this sort of of maternal instinct and this air about her that made you feel that she just had everything under control. And I think at some point she just snapped.

It seemed very fast.

Yeah, it was very fast. I mean, it seemed faster on the television because you don't see all the hours that were leading up to it. But for me, it was definitely a surprise, because I thought we were on good terms until that limo scene.