Seven Traits of a Hot Lover


By Editors

1) You Have a Great Attitude

Any fool'and this is backed up by sex research'knows that sex involves the brain as much as the nether organs.

2) You'll Try Anything Once

And we do mean anything.

3) You Appreciate Fantasy

No, you don't have to play the bad 2-year-old to your boyfriend's mean mommy, but you should realize that stories can enhance the act of lovemaking.

4) You Know the Value of Foreplay

Initiating sex just by saying 'Bend over' gets old after a while.

5) You Don't Take It Personally if Your Partner Doesn't Always Get Hard

God made Viagra for a reason.

6) You Have a Sense of Humor

Few things are sexier than an occasional laugh while you're in the middle of it.

7) You Speak Up

Not that you yak nonstop (someone who can't shut up is a drag) but that you say what you like.