Tough Gay Truths


By Editors

Sometimes we lose perspective, cling to old ideas, and become unable to move on and make progress. While the leaves change colors, will help clear away some of those delusions plaguing our community. They may be tough to hear, but someone's got to say it.

1. The hoodie with blazer look is over. At this point, pairing a hoodie with a blazer is such thoughtless dressing'a uniform, if you will'that it has ceased to show any sense of individual style. It's like remembering to put on socks. There are other ways to layer. Explore them.

2. And so is a thermal underneath a T-shirt. If it's a little bit chilly, try a long-sleeve polo, a long-sleeve T-shirt, or'hmm'perhaps a sweater? Just a couple of ideas.

3. Regularly going to the gym doesn't make you a jock; playing sports (more or less) makes you one. So if your online profile is misleading folks because you can't hit, throw, spike a ball, or don't know what 'offsides' means in at least two different sports, it's time to change the text and tell the truth.

4. The gym is a place where you work out, not just the other stuff in the locker room'

5. Oh, and having a big penis doesn't automatically make someone a great lay. Moreover, give yourself more credit!

6. Gay marriage does not equal monogamy. And why should it?

7. LGBTQ people don't have equality or 'virtual equality.' We are still second-class citizens in the eyes of federal law. And while passing may let you enjoy the privileges of equality; just remember that your 'equality' comes with the condition of being someone you are not.

8. Being gay doesn't make you incapable of other -isms. Prime example: Gayness and Republicanism!