Kim Cattrall


By Michael Musto

In our November issue, Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall opened up about playing Samantha, her new book, Sexual Intelligence, and the documentary based on the book, scheduled to premiere on HBO on November 15. Here are some exclusive outtakes from our chat.

Samantha's life was truly a banquet. Did playing her affect your own sex life?

She was a huge part of my sexual revolution, which came late in my 40s, which I'm more than making up for. I learned to make life more of a sensual experience, not just in the act of sex. I am a fuller, more realized person. Samantha lives in me!

Join the club, baby. Why did it take you so long?

What was important in my evolution was a real need to understand what physically made me satisfied. A lot of my girlfriends thought their job was to make sure the man was taken care of.

Couldn't women just get satisfaction by themselves?

I definitely think so. But women can do most things by themselves.

Is there that much difference between gay and straight, or is it just in the details?

I read that wonderful article in The New York Times about this new kind of sexuality, where it's not just gay or straight'there's a lot in between. I think it depends on the person. I know a lot of straight gay men and a lot of gay gay men. We know the same people!

Your new book says that the size of a penis isn't as important as what men do with it and who it's attached to. Did you learn that from personal experience?

[Laughs] I only spoke to experts about that one. Someone once talked to me about the episode of Sex and the City where the perfect man had a tiny gherkin. I said, 'It depends on what Samantha's willing to invest and the communication they both had.' I think that's a personal preference. Couples work it out'or not. I, personally, never had an experience quite that severe.

Speak for yourself. Have you ever gotten screwed in the larger sense, like by the press?

I'm not that paranoid. I have moments where I think 'That's bullshit' or 'Where did that come from?' But I'm not prone to feel people are out to screw me. Do you know something I don't know? [Laughs]