The Least Gay-Friendly States in America


By Editors

1) Texas'Sure, Dallas and Austin are cool, but the governor basically told gays that if they wanted to get married they should get lost.

2) Florida'South Beach is cool, and gay seniors'and even a few younger guys'love Ft. Lauderdale, but the laws governing gay adoption are some of the worst in the nation.

3) Alabama'The place where high officials routinely make homophobic statements and where, according to a January 2005 story in Out magazine, 44% of gay residents have been beaten or assaulted'by their own family members!

4) Kansas'This year, voters in this heartland state overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment that bans same-sex couples not only from marrying but also from entering into civil unions.

5) North Dakota'If you have to ask why this state's on the list, you've never tried to hook up in Fargo on a Saturday night.