September Songs


By Editors

It's autumn. The days are growing shorter. The nights are growing cooler. It's time to reflect on times past, choices we've made, and how we've grown. And what better way to do all that than with a soundtrack?! So we've come up with some songs you might want to throw on a CD to underscore your autumnal melancholy.

If you're leaving behind a love affair or just having a hard time saying goodbye to summer, you can't go wrong with:

'Summer Fling' by kd lang
'Viva Forever' by the Spice Girls
'The Good Times Are Over' by Caviar
'If We Never Meet Again' by Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers
'When Will I See You Again' by The Three Degrees
'Summer's Over' by Spoilsport
'The Dance' by Garth Brooks
'Things Will Never Be the Same' by Roxette
'When All is Said and Done' by Abba
'Verdi Cries' by 10,000 Maniacs

If you're mourning an old love, you can take solace with:

'Strawberry Wine' by Deana Carter
'The Chill of an Early Fall' George Strait
'(You and Me) We Wanted It All' by Frank Sinatra
'The Song Remembers When' by Trisha Yearwood
'Saying Goodbye to a Friend' by Suzy Bogguss

If you're simply feeling old (whether or not you actually are) and you're looking back on life regretfully or even just sentimentally, you should check out:

'Both Sides Now' by Paul Young and Clannad (yep, the Joni Mitchell classic)
'Back When We Were Beautiful' by Matraca Berg
'The Ballad of Lucy Jordan' by Marianne Faithfull (the odds are this will cheer you up because your life probably isn't as dead as Lucy's)
'Just Another Day' by Henry Lee Summer
'Being Boring' by Merrill Bainbridge (yes, the Pet Shop Boys did it first, but Bainbridge's version is so much more heartbreaking)
'Moon River' by Jerry Butler

And to pull out all the stops, you might as well just grab the September of My Years album by Frank Sinatra. Each song is about reflection, regret, and lost youth. Standouts are 'It Was a Very Good Year,' 'When the Wind Was Green,' and 'September of My Years.'

And, of course, summer songs are even more moving now that it's gone, so to keep your mix from becoming too maudlin, toss in:

'Summer' by Lisa Loeb
'Summer Girls' by LFO
'Summer Nights' by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta (come on, you know you know the words)
'Perfect Day' by Hoku