Top 10 Eye-Candy Films


By Editors

Once in a while there are films we see for the flesh factor. And oftentimes, such movies are redeemed only by the varied amounts of skin exposure. Here is's top 10 list of eye-candy films. We'd love to hear your top 10 or honorable mentions as well! (To be fair, we excluded foreign titles because male nudity doesn't faze them.)

10. Troy'He looked dirty (as usual), but Brad Pitt set the screen on fire with his booty shot and near full-frontal. And let's not forget Aussie hottie Eric Bana's more muscle bear-oriented woofiness.

9. The Fluffer'A parody of gay porn but it still includes a lot of the shitty dialogue. Thank goodness that lead actor, Scott Gurney, had enough yum yum to kinda forget how dumb dumb the flick was.

8. Brothers'Two words: Shemar Moore.

7. School Ties'New England prep school boys (Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser et al) in a shower scene'that's gay vague right out of a page of Bruce Weber.

6. Fantastic Four'This summer's unintentionally funny superhero flick is more of an excuse to gawk at Chris Evans play the Human Torch. Oh, Lord, were we burning!

5. Trick'J.P. Pitoc as the go-go boy/object of desire gets the juices flowing. Trick ranks a little lower because Miss Coco Peru's bathroom monologue is so good, it overshadows everything else in the film.

4. Cellular'Again Chris Evans parades around shirtless for what seems like forever. As a friend once said, 'It took me a while to realize that I wasn't watching a porno.'

3. Latter Days'Adorable Steve Sandvoss who plays the just-asking-to-be-corrupted Mormon boy unveils his heavenly body toward the end of this flick, making it the biggest cock-tease on this list.

2. American Psycho'Some people actually really love this movie, but who wouldn't first mention the opening shower scene or the later scene with a totally ripped and naked Christian Bale chasing his next victim with a chain saw when discussing the merits of this movie?

1. Hustler White'Rick Castro, Bruce LaBruce, and Madonna's ex Tony Ward turn this totally bizarre piece of celluloid (there's an amputee sex scene in it) into an MPAA-approved soft-core.