Bigger and Brighter in Texas


By Julien Tomasello

Is The Photography of David LaChapelle a retrospective of his work thus far? What can viewers expect to see?

Yes, the exhibition is a retrospective of David's work that represents the many facets of his career'works from fashion stories for publications like Italian Vogue, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair, to photographs that are the result of some groundbreaking advertising campaigns. Some of David's other images express his close relationship with the music industry and come from his experiences producing album covers and creating music videos. The retrospective also includes some photographs that have never been exhibited before.

Can the exhibition be seen online?

Yes, we have a great website which we're improving upon every day. You can see a selection of David's exhibition on our site

You and George are prominent art collectors in your own right. When did your interest in art begin?

Traveling with George has always been a great source of exposure to contemporary cultures around the world. My favorite pastime when we travel is to visit local art galleries to gain further understanding of youth and that particular culture'and to see what's being created and thought about in visual terms right now.

Who are some of the artists in your personal collection?

George and I have a very eclectic collection. The most recent acquisition is obviously a piece by David LaChapelle. We also have works by Stella Vine, Richmond Burton, David Batchelor, James Nares, Gary Fabian Miller, and Richard Caldicott.

What tips can you give someone just beginning to collect art?

That's a good question. Buy what you like and buy it from the people you trust. It's important to establish relationships with a few galleries and to build, with their help, a collection that reflects your individual interests and personality.

Any attempts by you and George at creating art yourselves (any hidden Goss or Michael paintings in the closet)?

Oh no! Both George and I think that everyone should stick to what they do best.

The Photography of David LaChapelle runs from May 20 to August 12, 2005 at the Goss Gallery, 2500 Cedar Springs, Dallas Texas. For more information, call 212-696-0555, email [email protected], or visit