Fashion Challenge


By Jeffrey Epstein

The challenges always seem to have a high queer quotient. Inferno 2 has you, Karamo, Dan'anyone I'm forgetting?
Well, you're forgetting all the closeted people. I think we have a 50/50 ratio! Our show [Real World, Road Rules, etc.] is one of the first ones to have gay people and they don't care. Being out and being on television has become very normal to me. It's not something I think of as out of the ordinary. It was funny all the gay people on The Inferno 2 were on the Bad Ass team. We're really not all that bad. I was a little upset with production. I thought they should have used someone on the Good Guys team, too.

Why are you a Bad Ass?
I don't bite my tongue. I'm very opinionated even if it means I'm going to see a consequence.

Are people wearing yours shirts on the show?
Yeah. We were just starting to launch the T-shirt business when we both got called for the show. Since we have so many friends in the cast who we knew would love the shirts, we showed up and passed them out to whoever we wanted to have them. Notice Julie and Beth don't have them. People wore them every day. It got to the point where we'd wake up every morning and two-thirds of the cast were in our shirts by their own will.

It always seems like many people leave the challenges wanting to kill each other. You and Veronica are actually working together.
We became friends a few years ago. To tell you the truth, we go on that show and I don't think there are two people who are quite like the way we are on the show. We're there for each other. If Veronica needs me for anything on the show, I would go out of my way for her. And she for me as well. I don't think there's anyone else who can say that. They're all in it for themselves.

Any other Real World or Road Rules folk you're friendly with?
I'm still extremely close to Shane. We see each other weekly. I think he's moving to L.A. soon. I'm close with Darrell. I really bonded with people from my show. I'm friends with Coral and the Miz [Mike].

Any shirts for gays?
We have a shirt now for women, which says 'lesbian' in the corner in cursive and on the back are two mud flap girls back-to-back. My favorite shirt for girls, which always gets attention wherever you go, that says: 'Ditch him for her.' And we have a shirt coming out for gay guys, which says 'I want to sleep with him' and it has arrows pointing in all different directions. It's really cute.

What's up next?
There's always the [challenges]. We'll see what happens. Honestly, the T-shirt business is keeping me really busy. I'm still touring the country doing appearances. I think I did over 100 schools in the last year. It's been crazy. And the show is just getting so much bigger.

So you'd do another?
I don't know. I can't say. It would have to add up for me. Certain people would need to be there. Certain people would need to be working on it. You're putting your neck out there every time you do it. It's not worth it if you don't win. Not for me, at least. [Laughs]