Paula Abdul: Straight Up



We love Paula Abdul. There, we said it. We think the former Laker Girl'turned choreographer'turned pop star'turned American Idol judge is feisty, fun, and fabulous. We got the chance to have a quick chat with the multi-hyphenate recently, and while some topics were out of bounds (sorry, kids, no winner predictions and no great scoop on why Mario left the show), we learned a lot about this lovable lass'including her big contribution to Kylie Minogue's career!

Out: So first'?

Paula Abdul [laughing]: Just don't ask about Simon!

Um' OK, next question' [Laughs] So I hear you're working on a project for the WB.

[Hesitantly] Yeah, it's still'

Can you talk about it at all?

Not yet'but I just wanted to say that WB is my favorite network, honest to God it is.

What would Fox say about that?

[Laughs] Well, Fox is also my favorite network. It's Fox and the WB. That goes without saying.

Now, have you always known that the gays love you?

Yes, I love every single gay man that loves me right back. And I've been very supportive [of the gay community]. The only thing that bums me out is that I haven't been out there performing for all my fans. Too busy doing American Idol.

It's also good, too, because it brought you into a whole new generation of young people.

Well, you know, though' I think after this season, I think I'm going to take some time and get back out there and perform. I miss it very much.

American Idol has definitely brought you back into the public consciousness, yet you're not performing.

It's been an amazing and strange phenomenon. I've never been more popular in like, as far as those Q ratings go [in which celebrities are measured by how recognizable they are to television watchers], with the irony of not having any song out on the radio. But just simply based on the integrity of who I am. That lasts a lifetime you, know. But I do miss performing. But I'm equally blessed, you know, I'm very, very grateful for the job that I have, but hopefully I'll get a little time off.

Have you been planning anything?

Oh, yeah. What I've been doing is giving' Because I haven't been able to put my songs out, I've been giving them to other artists and they would get number ones off of my songs. So that's really cool. I have songs placed on many artists, like Kylie Minogue had a number one record with my song.

Which song?

The song called 'Spinning Around.' That went to number one.

Oh wow'that's amazing!

Hello! That's my record and I wrote it. That was going to be my first single. And then when I got American Idol, I realized I couldn't go do it, and it's got all my vocals on it, too, isn't that funny? I mean, it's total dance jam.

You need to get back out there.

I know, I know.

At the same time, it's also a blessing that all these people know you and they dig your personality too.

Oh. But if I wasn't on American Idol, 'uh-oh,' that wouldn't be good.

People would be like, 'Yeah, that Paula Abdul. I remember her.' Now everyone knows you in a positive way because they always look at you as being positive. Even when you say something negative to a contestant, people always take it as a positive thing.

I can't imagine now, if I wasn't there and how negative it might be.

We're just glad that that's not the case.