Eyes on the Prize


By Justin Ravitz

Lynn Warren (left) and Alex Ari, the hilarious, good-natured gay couple eliminated in India in round seven of The Amazing Race, had to reschedule their Out.com interview when they got stuck in traffic. (This snafu made it impossible not to picture them in a pedicab on the highway screaming 'Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!' in Hindi). Out.com finally caught up with the cuties to dish on meanies Rob and Amber, edible cow parts, potty breaks, the coming-out inspired by their reality-TV stardom, and more.

Hey, guys! My friends and I were so bummed to see you eliminated.

Lynn: We were devastated. People keep asking if we were embarrassed to lose to [elderly couple] Meredith and Gretchen, but not at all. They are fierce competitors, not just for their age but anyone. I'd love to see them win.

Alex: Luck was part of the game, and we had had our fair share of bad luck with cab drivers and things breaking down.

Have you buried the hatchet with Rob and Amber?

Lynn: I need a hatchet to cut up some cheese and meat for Amber. The poor girl's starving!

Alex: I just don't feel like I need to befriend them. What am I going to get out of that?

Lynn: We would all be sitting at dinner and the other teams bonded so much; Rob and Amber never talked.

Alex: You guys are watching from your couch, so when they do something that's malicious or mean, it's entertaining. But when you're there and you're racing, it's not entertaining. It's real.

I've always wondered: When do you use the potty during those missions?

Lynn: It's the last thing on your mind. I would call the pit stops 'poop stops,' because I could never go anywhere else'too dirty and gross.

Alex, quite awesomely, you ate four pounds of Argentine beef (udders, intestines, blood sausage') while others wimped out. What's the secret?

Alex: The thing about eating challenges is that if you're going on the race, you need to realize there's going to be one. And if you're not strong mentally, you'll never get through it. Just keep eating, and even when you puke, don't quit. I actually puked 10 times.


Lynn: And he had no advantage as far as not having a gag reflex. That didn't help at all. [Laughs]

Would you ever eat a cow saliva gland again?

Lynn: So funny, we just had that for dinner last night!

Alex: No, I would never eat any of that stuff again. It was so gross, and they cut out my funniest line. We got to the mat and Phil goes, 'You're team number one!' And I'm all, 'Phil, I have intestines in my intestines!'

Lynn: And I was singing Karen Carpenter songs to Alex the whole time that he ate.

Alex: That was when Lynn's cheerleading didn't help.

Lynn: I was dry heaving watching him do this.

But you rarely bickered and never got nasty with each other, while so many other Amazing Race couples typically do.

Lynn: It's very reflective of how we live our lives. We know we're in it for the long run, and we're not big fighters. Sometimes we get pissed off at each other when we're trying to figure out what to wear and we don't want to look like twinsies. That's probably our biggest stress. There's no sense in arguing. On that race, your only support is each other. And if you lose that, you're basically alone.