Pop Goes the Homo


By Matthew Breen

Mondo Homo (Alyson, $17.95), edited by Richard Andreoli, is a queer guide to popular culture featuring essays from various queer authors on music, gym culture, porn, sex in the big city, TV, and interviews from gay luminaries. Out.com sat down with Andreoli to discuss why we need such a book and what to expect inside.

You write that the film In & Out pisses you off. Was this a book born out of hate?

Ha! No, this book was not born out of hate. It was born out of a frustration that what I found important to queer culture, and what my friends and I talked about and loved in queer culture, wasn't represented by any sort of media. The only things we saw were references to Judy and Barbra'things we could respect, but that we couldn't relate to.

Yet you love Wonder Woman. You're clearly obsessed with her. Did she make you gay?

Wonder Woman protected me! I almost think that Wonder Woman helped me to become gay because in the TV series, the comic books, and in the SuperFriends cartoons, I really identified with this powerful female figure. Also, here was this woman who had this secret life, just like I did. She knew there was something about her that made her different, and I really identified with that. I also identified with'somewhat subconsciously, I think'the notion that when she opened herself up to her real self, the superhero inside, that she was very, very powerful. As a young gay person I understood that for me that once I opened up to that side of myself, I'd find an inner power'without trying to sound too frou-frou-spiritual-Iron-John-drumming-in-the-woods-naked'that once we come out, we find a strength within. Wonder Woman helped me see that.

Address this rumor: Writing a book gets you lots of offers' for sex.

Here's the thing'I didn't get laid at all from this book! I mean, I've got a boyfriend and we're monogamous, but I didn't even get offers! I took that Village People publicity picture, and when I saw myself in it, I was thinking, Shit, I'd screw four out of six of these guys, but nobody is sending offers to my Web site. Dave White, on the other hand, who is this big, burly bruiser of a guy who wrote the sex chapter for the book, he has been getting nude photos from snackalicious guys. David Ciminelli wrote the porn and gym chapters, and he's a smoking hot guy with a body to die for. I get e-mails asking if he's single and how to get in touch with him. Nobody gives a damn about me. A) I didn't get paid a lot, and B) I ain't got no offers for sex. So I just want to say that anyone who thinks writing is a glamorous life is totally high.