8 Signs You May Be Contributing to the Dumbing of Gay Culture


By Out.com Editors

1. The last book you read for leisure was Giovanni's Room'in high school.

2. You don't know who wrote Giovanni's Room.

3. You have absolutely no idea who or what the Mattachine Society, the Violet Quill, or ACT-UP/Queer Nation are.

4. You don't know who the first couple married in San Francisco last year are, and have no idea why they are more than 'two old dykes.'

5. Current events to you is knowing who is 'fat' in Hollywood.

6. You continue to deny that bisexuality exists.

7. You have no clue as to why calling women's genitalia 'fish' constitutes misogyny.

8. You have said variations of the following statement: 'The AIDS pandemic is over' as a result of the antiretroviral 'cocktails.'