Out.com Exclusive: Runaway Runway Winner


By Ari Bendersky

What's your relationship like with Wendy Pepper now?

We're having a child together! I don't know. I don't have much of a relationship with her. We have an understanding, probably. She adores me and is jealous of me. Wendy's an interesting person. She's educated and was in the Peace Corps and lived in Tibet. She's very witty and has this disgusting, weird, strategic, psychotic, bipolar, messed-up side too.

When did you decide you had a real winning shot?

I knew while I made my collection I was going to be strong. But probably when I saw how smoothly it was going during fittings and model castings. I didn't really know [that I would win], you know? Kara Saun and I were on equal ground.

You looked so nervous.

Why does everyone keep saying that?

At the very end when you were sitting there and [final episode judge] Parker Posey was talking to you, you looked like you couldn't speak.

Wouldn't you be nervous? It was like someone telling you your fate for the next couple of years.

We saw some pictures from your youth on the show. Were you a nerd in high school?

No, not at all. I was in band, but I wasn't a nerd by any means. I was in Key Club and student council and in plays and environmental club. I was voted Best Dressed. Fuckin'-A, man, I was 14'who was cool? I was a fuckin' fat ass like I am now.

Speaking of which, your sister said you needed liposuction. One of the models called you Buddha. Does that give you a complex?

I'm over it. I've been husky my whole life. My mom took me to that weird section in Sears. It's genetics. At the end of the day, I've learned it's not what's on the outside. When I'm trying to find a man, it's totally what's on the outside, but for them trying to find me, it's what's on the inside. Double standard. But now I can pay for sex!