Queer Cinema 2005


By Jeffrey Epstein

Every year the Sundance Film Festival (January 20'30) in Park City, Utah, offers a preview of many of the best GLBT films of the upcoming year. Here we look at some of the more high-profile fare the festival is offering.

What it's about:
Three stories of love and dysfunction intertwine, including the tale of a gay male couple (David Sutcliffe and Steve Coogan) who are convinced that the sperm one of them donated to a lesbian couple (Laura Dern and Sarah Clarke) produced their 2-year-old child, despite the women's denial. In another thread Jason Ritter plays a young gay man who is trying to convince his father that he's not gay.
Gay factor: With five gay characters'super high. Add in gay writer-director Don Roos (The Opposite of Sex) and it's a Kinsey 6.
When you can see it: In theaters July 15

What it's about:
A teenage hustler (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and a young man (Brady Corbet) who believes he was abducted by aliens share a chilling past in queer writer-director Gregg Araki's latest.
Gay factor: Pretty high. All the aforementioned, plus it's based on the book by gay writer Scott Heim.
When you can see it: In theaters May 27

What it's about:
A hilarious campy musical about the evils of marijuana
Gay factor: Medium: Alan Cumming has a costarring role, and there's an orgy scene that involves both Christian Campbell (Trick) and Steven Weber. Dan Studney, who wrote the music, cowrote the script, and is one of the executive producers of the film, is gay.
When you can see it: On Showtime in April

What it's about:
A gay writer (Peter Sarsgaard) is lured into the sexually charged web of a studio executive (Campbell Scott) and his wife (Patricia Clarkson) in this film by gay writer-director Craig Lucas (Longtime Companion).
Gay factor:High. Also, Sarsgaard (who just queered it up in Kinsey) and Scott (who played gay in Longtime Companion) get it on.
When you can see it: Seeking distribution

What it's about:
A wannabe actress (Naomi Watts) rushes through life trying to get cast in a movie, and her best friend, boyfriend, and new fling can't keep up with her.
Gay factor: Medium. One of the characters takes a queer turn, and writer-director Scott Coffey is gay (and plays the 'fling'). Coffey's boyfriend, Blair Mastbaum, also has a role in the film.
When you can see it: Seeking distribution