Best of 2004: Television


By Jeffrey Epstein

Wanna know what you should be tuning into? Here's a recap of the five best television shows of the year.

1. Desperate Housewives
We hate to say 'told you so' (oh, who are we kidding'we love to say 'told you so'!), but we had this show pegged from the get-go. With fabulous actresses, hunky actors, genius dialogue, camp value for days, and a creative team that includes two homos (show creator Mark Cherry and executive producer Michael Edelstein), Housewives is a guilty pleasure we don't feel bad about in the least.

2. Nip/Tuck
Another gem from a gay creator (Ryan Murphy'the man behind Popular). The plastic surgery drama that's much more than just skin deep did a fantastic take on transgender issues (hellooo, Famke!) and featured Joan Rivers and Vanessa Redgrave as guest stars. Plus, we got a lot more of Julien McMahon's butt, and that's enough for us.

3. Lost
Is it wrong that we find ourselves deeply attracted to Sawyer (Josh Holloway), the resident bad boy of this desert island drama? As if he wasn't enough to keep us watching every week, the rest of the stunning cast (we have never been on such a charismatic plane trip), amazing plot twists, and unending mysteries have us hooked. We're just hoping one of the castaways turns out to be gay.

4. The L Word
This show is so frickin' good, we want to become lesbians. OK, maybe not that. But we love watching Jennifer Beals and her gal pals pal around Los Angeles in Showtime's hit series. So what if we best relate to love-em-and-leave-em Shane? That doesn't make us bad people, does it? It's everything a good queer soap should be.

5. Veronica Mars
Finally a suitable replacement for those of us Buffy addicts longing for a kick-ass female heroine ever since Sarah Michelle Gellar saved the world one last time. Kristin Bell's Mars is a smart and sassy high schooler by day and private dick the rest of the time'and making UPN's ratings rise on a weekly basis. All she needs now is a fabulous gay sidekick.