Manhunt�s Gay Runner-up


By Jeffrey Epstein

When Bravo's Manhunt premiered back in October, there were three openly gay contestants vying for a $100,000 modeling contract with IMG, a leading agency. Within a few weeks, however, the number was reduced to two. But week after week, out model-in-training Rob Williams held on, ending up one of the final two in the heated (and sometimes steamy) competition. In the show's finale, it was 'jungle boy' Jon (who earned the nickname because of his Tarzan-like look) who took first prize, but it was the outgoing, intelligent, and (of course) sexy Rob that won out hearts.

Sorry you didn't win.
I knew that Jon was going to win. I just had a feeling. But I was excited to be second.

When Jon said he was leaving because he didn't want to do the nude photo shoot, I wish you had just pushed him out the door. Any regrets?
Not at all. I didn't want to win because he didn't do something. People would always say, 'Jon was robbed of winning just because he didn't want to do the nude shoot.' I wanted it to be a fair game, and I think it was. I'm fine with how it turned out. The show has been really great for me. Being second is better than being last.

You seemed very comfortable being naked. What's that about?
I knew they were going to think the nude photo shoot wasn't going to be my strongest competition, but I wanted to prove them wrong. I wanted the confidence to show through in the pictures. I knew it wasn't going to be full-frontal nude. If it was, I would have been very uncomfortable. But it was going to be on television'how much could they show?

Good point. So you don't always run around naked?
I do run around naked sometimes. It doesn't bother me to be naked.

Our readers will be happy to know that. You did have the best line of the series last night when, after the naked photo shoot, you collapsed and said to Jon, 'Nudity really makes me tired.'
[Laughs] Thank you.

OK, were you really surprised that Kevin was the mole?
I was surprised. It's weird when someone tells you something like that. You think of all the things you said to that person and all the things you have done together that you could have gotten into trouble for. You wonder when he was looking at you as a friend and when he was looking at you as a judge. But thankfully he was always really nice about me!

Have people from your past been coming out of the woodwork since the show started?
Not really. Maybe they will now that you've asked the question. The thing that's been great about the show is all the friends that I have who I don't speak to regularly, they have called and given me their support. And especially those people who didn't know I was gay before they saw me on the show'people I haven't spoken to in a few years. They called and said they love me and support me. The show was great in that regard'it was an easy way to make sure everyone knows!