Kathy Griffin is Allegedly Hilarious


By Bob Merrick

Ever since she gave Brooke Shields sass on Suddenly Susan, we have adored Kathy Griffin. The rambunctious redhead, long a friend of 'the gays' (as she likes to call us), sat down with us to talk about her hilarious new DVD, Kathy Griffin: Allegedly (Anchor Bay Entertainment), which hits shelves November 30.

Were you the class gossip in high school and always stirring the pot to get people in trouble?
I was always a gossip, really, since I could talk. My very first words were, 'She did not just say that!'

Which celebrity are you most nervous to have view your new DVD Allegedly?
The beauty of what I do is that the people that I talk about don't really know about it. Like I talk about going on The View and having this really uncomfortable moment with Barbara Walters, and I don't think Barbara Walters knows who I am. I have been on The View with her twice. I think if someone said, do you know who Kathy Griffin is? Barbara Walters would say, 'no.' So I am not that worried.

What is the difference between the DVD and your D-List special on Bravo?
The DVD Allegedly is like the Jerry Springer Too Hot For TV version. It's totally different material, so it's not like the same material with swear words. It's all the scandalous material Bravo wouldn't touch. It's my own Girls Gone Wild.

Have you ever regretted anything you've said about someone in your act?
I constantly regret things I say, because I change my mind about people. Like I tell a story in my DVD about meeting Gwyneth Paltrow, who is a huge condescending pain in the ass, and meeting her with Stella McCartney, who I also thought was that way. It turns out Stella got every joke and reference that I made. After I met her, I kind of wish I hadn't said that 'cause she's really nice.

Why do you think you are so successful in the gay community?
I've always hit it off with gay people for as long as I can remember. I was that girl in high school that went to the prom with a gay guy. I was the girl that dated all the guys that turned gay. I'm a gaymaker. If you dated me in high school, chances are you're now gay.

Are you worried about your husband being on the down low with that theory?
I am positive that my husband and my father are both on the down low after seeing the Oprah down-low episode.

If you could find the personal diary of one person, dead or alive, with all of the juicy details, whose would you want to find?
Lana Turner. 'Cause I think she killed Johnny Stompanato and she made her daughter take the fall.

What is the number one misconception people have about you?
That I am mean. I think that truly funny people are not mean-spirited. I am gonna make fun of Clay Aiken just as much, if not more, than the next guy, but I am a fan of Clay Aiken. I literally go to his shows. I like to make fun of Celine Dion, and opening night of her show in Vegas, I was in row three.