Five Gayest Things About Football


By Editors

Five Gayest Things About Pro Football

5) The little victory dance players do in the end zone after they score'those hips can move with queerer abandon than those of go-go boys in a gay bar

4) Phil Simms'The former New York Giants quarterback turned on-air broadcaster regularly comes up with some of the campiest comments around. Our favorite so far this year is when he looked at a referee named Ed Hochuli and told viewers, 'Ed is looking pumped today, isn't he? He's gotta be the most in-shape referee in the history of the NFL.'

3) Jim Nantz'Also a TV announcer. Could you have a gayer last name than he does?

2) Terrell Owens'The Philadelphia Eagles receiver implied insultingly earlier this year that his former teammate Jeff Garcia was gay. This from a guy who once shook pom-poms after scoring a touchdown.

1) The relationship between the center and the quarterback. The former allows the latter to lay hands on his butt for several seconds before the hike happens. About this transaction, the New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington said last month, 'It's really about consistency and hitting that spot every time.'