Too Cool For Us


By Eddie Shapiro

Well, how often do you get to bury bodies in concrete [As Abby did to protect her daughter, whom she thought was guilty of murder]?


It was also so well-acted, -written, and -directed, which is why I think it still holds up so well.

It remains sort of a sign post of the times. And Abby was the kind of character that women aspire to. And I think still do. I think that's one of the reasons it's so popular on the SoapNet.

And after Knots, you starred in and produced a whole slew of TV movies.

A couple of years ago I stopped making them because they stopped making them. There are so few television movies done now. Three or four years ago, CBS used to do 60 a year, and now they do five, maybe? So that's why I stopped producing. There was just no market for it anymore. It actually happened for me at a good time, because I have my daughter and I really want to be able to spend time with her. It's been really a blessing for me to be able to spend the kind of time I have with her. It's a whole different part of my life that I just treasure.

Do you see others from the Knots cast?

Last year when we did the CBS 75th anniversary, that was really fun. Joan [Van Ark] and Michele [Lee] and I do keep in touch. I always go to see Michele if she's doing a stage thing.

Did you see her in Mame at the Hollywood Bowl this summer?

I did! I thought she was wonderful. I think she should really do it somewhere in a full-blown production. I've always thought that musical theater was her forte. She sings really well and she has bigness about her. I hope she does more.

Do you miss playing Abby?

I enjoyed every minute of playing her. I haven't had as much fun since! Although, after that, I couldn't shop for years. I was shopped out.

You mean you did your own shopping?

I did. I was very, very particular about the clothes that Abby wore. Each scene, I felt it had to be right. So I would go to Neiman's or Saks and I would just throw whatever piece of clothing I wanted into the cart. I'd never have to look at a price tag. It was heaven.