Catwalk Commotion


By Editors

Manhunt, Bravo's new reality show'where aspiring male models (including one openly gay contestant) spend lots of time with their shirts off competing in challenging events to win a modeling contract'has been called a cross between America's Next Top Model and Fear Factor. The guys have to submit to challenges like skydiving in their underwear and waking up in the middle of the night for an impromptu ambush photo shoot. But we know what would really strike fear in the hearts of these ripped pretty boys. Here are our suggestions for challenges that would bring a male model to tears:

1. A full day without hair product, blow dryers, or mirrors. First one to cry is eliminated!
2. Waiting at a photo shoot with cocaine, vodka, and cigarettes. First one to do a line, slam a shot, or take a puff is eliminated!
3. Eating three square meals, and keeping your food down. All day! First one to regurgitate is eliminated!
4. Have one full conversation with an ugly, badly dressed person who cannot advance your career. First one to blow off the ugly person is eliminated!
5. Spelling bee! Spell your own name correctly, or be eliminated!
6. First one to say 'Dude' is eliminated!
7. Applying your makeup under harsh fluorescent lighting. Last one done/first one to cry is eliminated!
8. Last one to finish reading Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment is eliminated! (Moving your lips while reading is also grounds for elimination.)