Kelly Girl


By Jeffrey Epstein

When people think of Kelly Osbourne, the words 'shy' and 'insecure' would probably not be in the first, oh, million which pop into their heads. But in her first dramatic acting role, as Deborah on ABC's new teen drama Life As We Know It (Thursdays on ABC), the outspoken reality star is just that. We recently chatted with Osbourne about her new series, losing weight, and being in the L.A. gay pride parade.

I hear you were a bit of an activist at gay pride in Los Angeles this year.
I was on the Trevor Project's float in the parade, and when we came across the protesters, I flipped them off. It made me really mad because if they're such Christians, they'd read the Bible, which says that every sin is equal no matter how bad. If to them being gay is bad, those are the kind of people who probably go home and beat their wives. So they should just fuck off. It bugs me so much. If I was a lesbian, who cares! Or if my brother was gay, who cares! I don't understand why it's anyone's business.

Have you always had gay people around you?
Yeah. My cousin is gay. My best friend in the whole world is gay'he was on the float with me. And if there's a separation between church and state, I don't understand why gays can't marry. It's the most ridiculous thing in the world.

For people who expect you to be yourself on Life As We Know It, they're going to be surprised. Normally people who have been featured on reality shows don't make such a smooth transition.
Most people on reality shows try to hold on to their fame and don't do it for the right reasons. I did the show because I thought it would be fun, and if it went shit, who cares?

Are you having fun?
I am. I love everyone I work with. When someone says something shitty about me [in the press], they stick up for me. They're all so great.

Were you able to relate to the character?
You know what it is? The character is me with a little bit less fashion sense and doesn't have the bad mouth.

Any chance that you'll sing on the show?
Probably not. We made a decision that that's Deborah and I'm Kelly and we shouldn't mix the two.

How did your life change doing The Osbournes?
People assume they know me. People know about me, but they don't know me. It's a little uncomfortable sometimes. I have very strict boundaries about how far I'll let people go with me. But it comes with the territory. If I make a list of all the bad shit and all the great shit that has happened to me, there's been a lot more great shit. But I'm probably going to be a 'Where Are They Now' in 20 years.

You're looking very fabulous. Are you putting effort toward it?
No! And I don't understand! I think because I stopped doing drugs, I lost all the weight. I'm one of those people who retain water. So I started peeing and shitting a lot more.