Five Questions (and then Some) For Jackie Collins


By Editors

Who was your childhood crush?
Marlon Brando at his height, in The Wild Ones,

What is the fashion choice you most regret?
I regret the fact that I'm so tied in to leopard skin, because I love leopard skin. But I'll do a book signing, and half the people at the book signing will turn up draped in leopard skin, so I can't wear it anymore. It might not have been such a good choice to have used it so much early on in my career.

Who will play you in the film version of your life story?
Is there any choice? Angelina Jolie!

The perfect song to have sex to is:
'What's Going On?' by Marvin Gaye

My vision of hell is:
Being stuck at a Hollywood party for more than four hours.

When I'm most stressed out I __________:
TiVo. I'm a TiVo addict.

My tombstone will read:
She gave a great many people a great deal of pleasure.

What do you hide when your sister comes over?
I don't hide anything! I have nothing to hide.