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Top hat and tails, vintage, or drag, here's 10 steps to help you prepare to get the best shots to remember your big day forever

September 08 2012 4:03 PM

1. First, recognize that the couple (who may have already been living together for many years) may not need many of the basic household items usually given for showers and weddings. However, they may be interested in adding to or replacing pieces of their favorite crystal, china, or silver patterns -- or receiving related decorative pieces such a matching candle holders or vases.

2. Appreciate that couples may prefer some wedding gift that recognize/celebrate/contribute to their gay pride.

September 07 2012 8:00 PM

The Edison Ballroom is steeped in naughty history—much like your relationship, making it the perfect place to exchange your vows.

March 23 2012 2:28 PM

With the passage of same sex marriage in New York, it's time for gay couples to emerge from the sidelines and begin planning the wedding they've been dreaming of FOREVER. "Re-inventing" the traditional event, Buddakan and Stephen STARR Events offer full-service catering for weddings of all sizes. Creating a one-of-a kind sensory experience unlike any other, attendees will be impressed by your exceptional choice of venue and caterer whether it's the engagement party, shower, rehearsal dinner, reception or post-wedding brunch.

July 31 2011 8:00 PM

That's why we invited Bess Wyrick and Ivie Joy to share the fruits of their experience as partners in Celadon & Celery, which specializes in event planning and flower arrangements. Wyrick, whose background is in fashion design, and Joy, who was Creative Director for Charles florals in Queens, N.Y., have identified ten key pointers on how to choose the right flowers for the big day. They also created four arrangements, shown here, that demonstrate their ethos and approach.

July 22 2011 8:00 PM

1. A good start is choosing your cake flavors based on the season in which your wedding will take place.

2. Order 25-30 servings less of your cake then what you need if you plan on having a "Venetian Hour" (which involves offering a large selection of pastries, fruit, cakes and coffees in addition to the main cake).

3. Integrate your wedding colors into the cake design.

4. Monogrammed toppers are IN; Couples figurines are OUT.

5. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to keep cakes cool.

July 21 2011 8:00 PM