10 Valentine's Gifts To Get You in the Mood


By Out.com Editors

Sometimes the day is about lust...

Matt Doyle and Ryan Steele | Photograph by Rob Howard

Earlier, we helped you find a bunch of sophisticated and creative gifts to show your partner how much you love him this Valentine's Day. However, we know the day is not always about love. Somtimes it's about lust. This year, we gathered a few items (some classics, some new) that will help get you in the mood this weekend. Many of these gifts will last beyond the holiday, so the satisfaction should last longer than whatever dinner you may have planned.

Beards, an Unshaven History by Kevin Clarke

The guys featured in this beautifully illustrated volume from sexy book publisher Bruno Gmunder may surprise you. The cult of the beard has grown and even encompasses hetero Hollywood these days, but editor Kevin Clarke has reached deep into history, highlighting bearded men through millenia (and even a shout-out to Out's Chris Pine cover). Don't worry, there's plenty of furry eyecandy to get you growling (hello, James Jamesson), but check out the gender-bending and cultural taboos sections and you'll learn a little something, too. ($60.66, Amazon.com)

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